Weiße Taube Berlin, new building, planning as of 2020

Der Hof der Weißen Taube in Berlin Lichtenberg

The district is located at Landsberger Allee. A spatially contained square is created here with an inviting gesture that should be understood as an entrée, but at the same time demonstrate a public character. The two building groups facing the street, which closely correspond with one another architecturally, mark the district in the wider urban space. At the same time, they allude to the inner development of the facility: in a kind of gate situation, they frame a street oriented inwards, which opens up the interior space.


Das Gebäude Weiße Taube aus der Vogelperspektive
Site plan

Conceivable here are slightly terraced gardens that would result in a spatial modulation of the building. There are openings on the lower floors, meaning that spatial widening is planned, resulting in horizons for achieving greater transparency. Private and public do not compete with one another here, instead mutually complementing each other in their respective qualities. The characters of the surrounding areas should be reinforced in their identities by the new district and the park embedded within it. The park flows into the district, the peripheral development is completed and enriches the neighbouring streets.

Green oases and lively squares

This street expands to form small squares and is flanked by park-like gardens that can be used by the residents. A high-rise in the lay by completes the spatial composition northwards; the street crosses through the small park and leads to the rear section of the facility, the buildings of which line the surrounding streets. This integrates the public parking facility into the ensemble. The residential buildings bordering on the streets vertical with the Landsberger Allee are structured spatially in such a way that front gardens are created, which also broaden these street spaces and connect the district with the surrounding development.

Residential and business building
Landsberger Allee 341/343, Berlin, Lichtenberg
As of 2020
Project management
G. Pesenti
S. Caiulo, J. De Leon, U. Felici Giunchi, A. Totaro
Lichtenberg Berlin 1.–7. BV