Blanken­burger Straße Berlin, new building, planning as of 2022

The residential facility at Blankenburger Straße 37/39 in Berlin-Pankow, with a total of forty-three apartment units and an underground garage, is distributed over three buildings. The realisation of a construction project presumes the work, commitment and care of many participants. Clients, planners, officials and those working at the construction site cooperate in the context of a major endeavour.

Rendering detail street view

Support structure design
ikp Ingenieurgemeinschaft Bruns – Schlegl – Yazdi GbR

Electrical planning
Ingenieurbüro Matthias Lehmann

Building services planning
ibs Ingenieurbüro Skär, Sabrina Ulrich, Claas Florin

Dipl.-Ing. Claudia Zimmermann, Nadine Heims, Jan Womela

Blankenburger Straße 37 GmbH & Co. KG, Benedikt Lex

Design planning, approval planning and creative management:
Marc Kocher Architekten Zürich/Berlin, Stefano Caiulo (Project management), Ugo Felici Giunchi, Andrea Totaro
Implementation planning, tendering and construction management:
Wulf Ingenieure UG, Janek Wulf, Till Jesse, Jan Jürgens

Overview plan

Fire protection documentation
BBIG Berliner Brandschutz Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Frau Meisse

Testing engineer for fire protection
Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Andreas Welsch

Geotechnical report        
AnalyTech, Ulrich Martin

Ventilation and smoke extraction expert opinion
Ingenieur- und Sachverständigenbüro Karl-Heinz Quenzel, Heinrich Fischer

Garden house 1, garden side

Expert opinion on noise
Hoffmann-Leichter Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Allegra Lorenz

District office Berlin-Pankow
Department for construction and residential supervision:
Olaf Peterek, René Hippchen
Urban development office:
Cordula Reichelt
Lower historic monuments protection authority:
Cornelia Reetz

Demolition and clearing work
GBR Rostock GmbH, Rimas Pagrandis

Garden house 2, garden side